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Checklist before you order

To enable us to correctly process-orders we need the following information

  • Motor/Vehicle type and version and/or year of manufacture,
  • Engine type,
  • Axle load,
  • Self levelling – yes or no.

Please note that all measurements regarding lowering are approximate and can differ depending on the age of the vehicle and fittings.


Additional information regarding the installation can be found XXXXX(LINK Terms of use?), which is supplied with each set of springs. Before fitting please check that the contents of the carton match the enclosed TÜV approval. (Colour and stamp of the spring) The vehicle must be re-aligned after the installation of an spring/ suspension-system. When the spring is fitted the stamp markings on the spring should be readable, i.e. not upside down. The extension of lowering has to be reduced by the series lowering.

Axle/ Wheel Alignment

For wheel alignment after fitment refer to vehicle manufacturer´s data. If these data can not be achieved (e.g. at low ride height) try to approach the data as close as possible.

Self Levelling/Sensors

Springs can be used on vehicles fitted with a factory self levelling suspension. The self levelling system needs to be reset at an authorised garage. If an aftermarket self levelling kit is fitted to the car, it is unlikely springs can be used. To avoid damage of the self-levelling system and/or headlight height adjustment these connecting links should be untightened before removing the shock absorber.

Shock Absorbers

If the existing shock absorbers are not in good condition, we recommend that you change them for new OE parts. However, best suited for all sport springs is the use of sport shock absorbers which H&R offers for most spring sets. These will offer optimum performance and handling.

Base Version

The mentioned car-type is always for the base-version only. Other types like 4WD, convertible, station wagon, sport-versions etc. are not included if not specially mentioned.

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